Grow Great People

You need to see your people thriving, capable of

increasing productivity and engagement, with the energy to do it.

Benji will empower your people with the knowledge and

framework to thrive at work and in life.



Ideal for Teaching Staff, Corporate Groups, Sports Teams, Management Groups, Committees.

Benji comes to you with an energetic session, teaching you a brand new way to be engaged at work, home and at play.



Ideal for Teaching Staff, Corporate Groups, Sports Teams, Management Groups, Committees.

Get out of your office comfort zone and experience Professional Development on a whole new level. Benji will take you on location, through his interactive workshop and into an exhilarating physical team activity.


Ideal for Teaching Staff, Corporate Groups, Sports Teams, Management Groups, Committees.

Benji will look at any changes, challenges or goals you have as a team. Over the following ten sessions, he will work together to develop talents, build positive habits, creating a positive and proactive workplace culture


The life you want to live can be yours with the right guidance, knowledge and skills to enhance your professional and personal growth. No matter what you're facing; mental, physical or emotional, a strong mentor will make sure you are charged with the right stuff to grow and reach your full potential.

With his experience and infectious drive, Benji takes a Holistic approach to each mentorship session, focussing on areas such as; Life Balance, Relationships, Effectiveness, Performance, Communication, Engagement Capability and Energy Capacity.



Aimed for ages 16-24 years.
High Res is designed to motivate and inspire young adults to grow their resilience, positivity, energy and engagement with the adult world they're emerging into.

Each high-energy session works to build the character from how to manage tasks through to amplifying self-belief. Participants will learn the most effective steps toward reaching goals and setting even bigger ones, whilst maintaining a healthy life balance.



You came into my life when I needed someone and I really had to share you with my team, so they could hear what I was hearing.

Ariana Duthie, Practice Manager, Invercargill Medical centre, Invercargill, New Zealand.



Be Champion is changing the face of Professional Development by looking at the whole person, teaching individuals to thrive in every aspect of life, ultimately developing talents to create a more positive, productive and prosperous work environment.


Benji wants to see a world filled with people who are positively engaged with everything around them. He is committed to helping every one of our clients to live life with purpose, creating a meaningful life for themselves and inspiring those around them to do the same.


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